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Sock Hunter Episode 53: Andromeda Socks


Elegant socks are particularly difficult to find.   Work socks, plain socks, and average socks are abundant and fairly easy to find, but the creme brule of the sock world is the elegant sock.

Delicate, but earthy, these socks lurk near flowers, fountains, and Italian restaurants.  Unfortunately for me, there are no fountains or Italian restaurants near my home.  Happily, I do have a few flowers here and there.


These *Andromeda Socks were lounging amongst the Lily of the Valley.  They happily let me snap a few pictures of the lace panel decorating the leg . . .


and the picot cuff with beads.


They even lazed about the deck in the sun, affording me a chance to snap the lovely chain lace again.


Now to search for more socks in the spring sunshine, this is your Sock Hunter, signing off.

*Araucania Itata in Pear (though it’s more of a Lime in person), US 1 Hiya Hiya Steel DPNS, Andromeda Pattern from Knotions


7 thoughts on “Sock Hunter Episode 53: Andromeda Socks

  1. My, those do look beautifully elegant.

  2. they look too delicate to wear! beautiful!

  3. Very nice! I love how feminine they are. Beautiful as always!

  4. Interesting that the Andromeda socks appear as “Star Trek” premieres. . .

  5. Those are beautiful! And I love the cheerful color.

  6. What a spring-y green!

  7. oh my … they are beautiful and green…so beautifully green… i really love them