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Designing Gloves


I wanted to knit my mom gloves that were unique. She picked out a great yarn in a lovely color, and it wouldn’t do to use just any pattern. I searched Ravelry, checked some of my favorite books, and eventually came to the conclusion that the right pattern wasn’t available. So I scrounged through a few stitch pattern books and finally picked out two cable patterns that I thought would look nice together. I made a big (huge really) swatch to check it. Any of you who know my process will know that I always swatch, but it’s usually hard to convince me to make a LARGE swatch. I tend to get by with teeny tiny ones. I’ll admit to having spent over an hour knitting patterns in a swatch.

Anyway, at the end of my marathon swatching session, I decided that I really liked the combination of Rib #8 and Panel #21 from Cables Untangled. The end result is below.


I decided on an extra long cuff because sometimes your gloves don’t quite bridge the gap between your coat and shirt sleeves. I’m all about the warmth when it gets cold out.


The yarn is fantastic: silky smooth hand and lush colors. It’s Cherry Tree Hill Supersock DK Select in Caribou Creek. I mistakenly thought that I was knitting these gloves on a US 3, which I stole from another project bag. I was actually knitting on US 2’s which I realized at about the halfway point on my thumb gusset. I liked the fabric, so I didn’t bother to rip and re-knit.

Overall results: A+. I like the fabric, yarn, color, and pattern.

I also finished up this scarf in Knit Picks Swish, color Dublin, for a friend for Christmas. It’s nothing fancy, but it is warm and squishy. 🙂 You may recognize the pattern, the Schrunchable Scarf, as it’s the same one I used for the Malabrigo Scrunchy scarf.


I’m working out the pattern for a scarf to match the gloves. I’ve already ripped it out five times. Let’s hope number six is the charm. Of course, if I didn’t feel like ass, I might not have screwed up so many times. At this point though, I’m just hoping that my math and the pattern finally work together, and that my headache goes away.


2 thoughts on “Designing Gloves

  1. I dig those gloves!! Great ingenuity in just making ’em yourself. Nothing worse than not finding just *the* right pattern!

  2. Mmm…nice warm things for cold weather! Hope you’re feeling better soon.