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Hmmm, and I finished a shawl?


Why yes!  Sometimes I just needed a little something different to work on.  Initially, I had hoped to finish this by the end of State Fair, but then I had this hankering to knit socks and, well, you’ve seen my posts lately.  It’s been Sock-a-palooza around here for the last few weeks.  Socks, socks, socks, and more socks.  Right now, at this very moment I have NO SOCKS on the needles.  Shocking isn’t it?  Have no fear, the socks shall return soon.  I just need a couple of days without socks.

Back to the shawl.  I had never tried Dream in Color so I was pleasantly surprised by the hand and how well it blocked.  I was a touch concerned when I finished it last night and I had this minuscule scarf sitting in my lap.  Having blocked a few lace pieces before, I knew that it would stretch to some extent, but having no experience with this particular yarn I had no clue as to how MUCH.

Seriously, this stuff blocks very well.  This is just about right for me, maybe a tad long at the point.  I could have blocked it differently, but I liked how the leaves looked.


Now, as for what I did differently:  I totally missed that the second chart had openwork leaves along the edges.  I just used the first chart because it was easy to memorize and I was taking this to State Fair and everything had to be easy to memorize.  Actually for this iteration, I much prefer all of the leaves to be closed.

Now for what I did accidentally:  See how the left side looks a little strange at the bottom?  I didn’t even notice that until I was blocking this piece.  It was late, I was knitting along with regular interruptions, and blurgh!  The right side looks nice though.

Now for what I had to do to finish: cut two rows from the last chart and bind off on the second to last purl row instead of after I finished the chart.  Ahem.  Yes, I did weigh the skein, yes I was paying attention to how much I had left, no I didn’t make it all the way like I thought I would.  I don’t really care.  It’s cozy and lovely and it’s not an exhibition piece, it’s just for me.

And because I can’t leave you without the rest of the particulars: North Roe Shawl by Odile Buatois-Brand knit with Dream in Color Baby in Good Luck Jade on US 3 Addi Turbo Lace Circular needles.



ps, I’m gone for a few days doing rabbit things, I’ll be back to the blog sometime next week. Be good while I’m gone!


10 thoughts on “Hmmm, and I finished a shawl?

  1. It’s time to come clean. Just admit you’re running a top secret bunny breeding lab where you’re breeding them to have opposable thumbs and knit tons of socks and other amazing things like this shawl for you in small amounts of time.

    It’s OK, we’ll still love you and your thumby bunnies! 😉

  2. Ok a shawl in a few days!? Do you have litte elves that work for you at night?

    The shaw is so pretty!

    Have fun doing your rabbit things.

  3. “Rabbit things”? You’re leaving us with some sort of riddle, aren’t you?

  4. You must have a wee little meth lab in your yard to jack up up for days to finish all this! You coming to Knitterpalooza or what?

  5. the shawl is lover-ly! Aren’t Chinese Maples the best backdrop of shawl photography? I love mine!

  6. What a lovely shawl! I agree with Kristi about the meth lab 🙂 You amaze me with the amount of knitting you accomplish!

  7. Wow! It’s so pretty, Kelli! You are training the bunnies to be top secret knitting spies, right? 🙂

  8. That looks gorgeous and I can’t even see anything wrong on the left? I so want to knit lace one day. . . . . one day!

  9. The is gorgeous! Glad to hear a good review on the yarn – I just bought some not too long ago! Hope you are having fun doing bunny things!

  10. Love that shawl!! I happened to be looking for a leafy pattern! What a ko-in-kee-dink! LOL! Yours is lovely!