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Sock Hunter Episode 34: Green Bean Socks


There are some socks that baffle us with their complexity, beg to be thought upon, rolled in, and devoured as we dream of cables that wend from toe to cuff or lace that makes us cry.  Then there are socks that are like whipped cream on a sundae, lovely bits of fluff with no real challenge to them, just comfort.  Most socks fall into neither of these categories, but much like green beans are the perfect compliment to other socks.

It has been my experience as a sock hunter that the more “green beans” you find on your plate, the greater the odds of finding the “whipped cream” or “creme brule.”  So it came as no surprise when I stumbled upon a pair of perfectly lovely “green bean” socks.  The *Laburnums, as they are properly known, were content to waddle about a bit while I settled in for a shot.  No stranger to human tinkering and tampering, these socks are perhaps some of the calmest socks to be found and delightful in their mannerisms.

I enjoyed myself immensely during this photo shoot, snapping entirely too many pictures.  The result of which is the shot you find here.  Having now exhausted myself in this sock hunt, I must hie away to rest.  This is your Sock Hunter, signing off.



*Araucania Ranco Solid in Lime, US 0 Hiya Hiya steel DPNs, Laburnum stitch pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch


4 thoughts on “Sock Hunter Episode 34: Green Bean Socks

  1. Gorgeous – I’ll have to mark this pattern to do. I can’t believe how fast you get socks done!

  2. Dangit. Now I’m hungry and impressed!

  3. Another pair escaped from the sock factory you’ve got going there? Or perhaps you’ve got gnomes busily knitting down in the mines?

    These are lovely — what a great colour!

  4. Great, great name for this pair. I mean, PREY.