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Sock Hunter Episode 30: Socks Out of Water


Day 12. . . Having futilely searched for a sign of socks throughout the city, it was with great glee that I caught a glimpse of blue stocking in the branches of a tree. Carefully, I have been stalking the pair as they flitted back and forth between their nest and the bushes that are heavily laden with berries. They are quite cautious socks, as they would need to be in such an urban setting.

Day 18 . . . I continue to catch small glimpses of the socks, but never fully capture them in my lens. I have high hopes that I will soon have a photograph. My spot is well secured and camouflaged, but I am beginning to tire of the chase. These socks are simply too elusive.

Day 21. . . Success!! I have captured the socks. They are *mermaid socks, just as I suspected. Hatched near water, the young spend the first part of their life water-bound until they transform into adult socks and take to the trees to complete their life cycle. I am quite pleased with this photographic capture. This is your Sock Hunter, signing off.


*Eleanor socks pattern, US 1 Hiya Hiya steel DPNs, Fleece Artist Basic 2/6 in Mermaid


3 thoughts on “Sock Hunter Episode 30: Socks Out of Water

  1. I didn’t know mermaids lived in trees. How I managed to live to the ripe old age I have without knowing that fact leaves me rather staggered. I am left to wonder what other Terribly Important Things I remain ignorant about.

    Beautiful socks — love that colourway!

  2. Another successful hunting expedition, I see. But I’m with Dave. Never knew mermaids hung out in trees.

  3. Ahhh ……….the sea the sand and ….trees.


    Great socks as always, never know where you’re going to find them.