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Spreading the Niceness

Tonia nominated me for a Nice Matters Award and I get to pass it along to seven of you. Now, any of you who have clicked on my blogroll lately will realize what an agonizing decision this was.  I finally decided to try for a little variety, some more well known blogs, some not so well known blogs, and a little pond jumping to boot!

This isn’t to say that I wouldn’t have picked many more of you if given the chance, but I am trying to play by the rules here. 😉  One thing that I do want to stress is that I appreciate the time that each of these bloggers takes to respond to me whether through a comment on the blog or an e-mail.  I treasure my blog friends more than any of you could know, and I look forward to checking my bloglines and writing a post every day.   We all know I don’t manage to post every day, but I do think about it. 🙂

Nice Matters

So without further ado, a huge thank you and Nice Matters Award to these bloggers:

There are so many of you that I would like to include, I hope you know who you are. 🙂