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It’s Official

RIP laptop, you served me well.  I was notified at 4:13 pm Thursday evening that my hard drive has crashed and is no longer serviceable.  Luckily I had backed up most of my information when I sent it off the first time.  Sadly, I have one piece I created in the last week that is not recoverable that cost me 7-8 hours of work and I wasn’t finished with it.  At this point, the newsletter I was creating is not even re-creatable because I don’t have all of the articles.  It’s already late and now the newsletter will be even later.  😦  Plus, its the last one that I’m doing for the club. So now I look like an ass. 

 I guess I’ll cough up the money to replace the hard drive, but oh, it hurts my purse strings when I just spent money to fix the last thing.  Sad Knitter Bunny today.