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How About Some Mitts?

To stave off the cold of course. 🙂  This is a fantastic pattern, both well written and a fast knit.  I cast on for this pair on Tuesday and off on Wed.  I even reknit one mitt because I made two left hand mitts.  I didn’t have enough yarn left to knit two right hand mitts or I would have done that instead.  lol  As it is, the mitts don’t take long.  Maybe 4 hours per mitt? 

Stats:  Louet Gems Fingering Weight in Indigo, less than one skein

Needle:  US 1 steel Hiya Hiya DPNs

Pattern:  Serpentine Mitts by Miriam Felton


You’ve got to love a skein buster.  Though really, if you had about 40 grams of sock yarn leftover you could get rid of that little bit.  I think the mitts actually weigh 38 g.  Plus, if you made them a bit shorter, you would use less, or how about some striped mitts? lol  I’ll bet they would look fantastic in a lonesome skein of Koigu.

For those of you who are poking around on my Ravelry page, I test knit this pattern for Miriam which is why there are two pairs.  Yes, they are in the same yarn and color, no they are not the same size.  lol