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What did you do on Friday?

You know, on my birthday. I was going to knit all day, but then I had a few errands to run and the spinning wheel was just calling to me, but let me tell you about taking Beau to the vet first.

Beau, is an awesome dog. He’s fairly well trained, a people pleaser, and loves taking trips. He even likes going to the vet’s office. Our visit went fantastic, from the vet tech to the receptionist. The receptionist took a liking to Beau when he did his “gopher puppy” routine wherein he sits on his hind legs, and pulls his front paws up to his chest while balancing carefully on his hind legs. It is very endearing, it also earned him a treat AND a rawhide from the (suckered) receptionist. He pulls this routine all-the-time at home. It usually does not earn him a treat.

So, back to the spinning. I spun some lovely laceweight. It’s a Merino/Corriedale blend from Maine Woods in Biloxi Blues. It took me a few hours on Thursday night and several hours on Friday (my birthday!) to spin this all up. I have 4 oz and about 1400 yards. So I think for a single, I’ve done pretty well. It’s the finest I’ve managed to spin yet.

I’ve been to lazy to finish it and take a picture, so here is an “on the bobbin” shot.

Biloxi Blues on the Bobbin