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Sock Hunter Episode 6: The Lost Episode

As I was stalking amongst the leaves this fall, I discovered a lovely sight nestled between the branches of a tree not ten feet from my head.  Such a lovely, and understated pair of socks, and so regal in bearing, their name immediately popped into my mind.

“These are the infamous and rare *Duke of Earl Grey Socks!” thought I.  Surely, I am mistaken, in my sock addled mind, for these socks are so rare that they have never before been captured in the wild.  It is only through rumor and local myth that Sock Hunters even know of the existence of such socks.

I gazed upon the socks in awe for several minutes before remembering to snap a picture.  They seemed more than pleased to pose for the camera, inclining their cuffs gracefully before gliding further on into the trees.  I chose not to pursue them as I feared any repercussions from the guard socks that appeared moments later in their wake.  Strangely, I could not engender a reaction in these socks, not even a smile.



Until next we meet, this is your Sock Hunter, signing off.

*Pattern based on the Earl Grey Sock by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, US 1 Steel Hiya Hiya DPNs, Cherry Tree Hill Super Sock Solids in Slate, Men’s 9 1/2 for Curtis