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More Wing of the Swan


Hopefully, the recipient has received her shawl.  So, to appease the few who demanded a picture with the shawl ON, here you go. lol


Hugs, Cynthia!  I hope you enjoy it. 🙂


11 thoughts on “More Wing of the Swan

  1. So pretty. Cynthia will surely love it.

  2. You did a beautiful job girl!

  3. BEAUTIFUL WORK!! I love it!

  4. A package is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I woke up this morning and saw it (we got home from the airport well after 1 am) but I’m nursing the boy and can’t open it, yet. The suspense is killing me!!

  5. Ok, first dibs if for some reason she hit HER head and doesn’t like it. Yeah, it could happen. Great job!!

  6. I missed that this was ‘gift knitting’. What a generous girl you are. And we do so appreciate the “action” shots complete with a lovely model.

  7. Love the shawl! What a clever girl you are…
    And happy birthday.