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Dear Crazy Aunt Purl,


I have taken your challenge and I present to you: one finished cat sweater lovingly modeled by my room mate’s cat, Zoie.

Zoie Sweater

Who’s crazy now?



18 thoughts on “Dear Crazy Aunt Purl,

  1. Holy cow, that’s hilarious. Is that cat just fluffy or erm, sporting some junk in her furry trunk?

  2. um…is that cat real?


  4. How funny! She looks so happy. Did she move after you put it on her?

  5. Oh my goodness that cat is adorable! As is the sweater! 🙂

    I hear you’re coming up for Knitterpalooza this weekend. 🙂 Hope to see you at ThreadBear, I’ll be working… 😦

  6. Sweet!! I wonder if my cat would wear a sweater. She loves wool. She never even sniffs at any other yarn, just real wool.

  7. Oh. My. God. That is too fricken’ funny!!!

  8. If you don’t snag some sort of purpleyarn heart for getting a cat into a sweater, well . . . I just give up.

  9. No you *didn’t*. Excuse me while I go put a sweater on the cat…

  10. I have been laughing ever since I first looked at your kitty sweater. Wonderful !!!!
    You did a great job on the sweater too.
    Evelyn from Canada

  11. That is too funny but very cute!

  12. Love it. You’re always a winner in my book.

  13. OMG! I hope my sister the crazy cat lady NEVER sees this. That is awesome. Great to see you this weekend!!

  14. Love it!!! It was nice meeting you this weekend (I think I picked up some spinning pointers watching you… thanks!)

  15. I have to say this: as much as I think it is a perfectly loverly sweater, I have to feel sorry for the cat.

    (My cats are in the midst of eating all of the yarn in the house in hopes that I don’t knit a sweater for the. . . if only they could be so lucky.)

  16. Almost got coffee up my nose laughing. How the heck did you get the sweater on the cat? Mine would have ripped me to pieces if I attempted that.