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Sock Hunter Episode 5: Searching for the Shells


Day 29

It is day twenty-nine of my trek into the wilderness of Indiana in search of the ever elusive Little Shell Rib Socks*.  While, I was mildly optimistic at the start of the day, my hope waned with each passing puddle that revealed once more, that there were no socks.  I despaired of catching my prey at all, but once more my perserverance paid off.

As I was walking along the Celery Bog, I discovered a pair of socks peeking along the water’s edge.  To my utter delight, I soon realized that they were the exact pair of socks I had been hoping to find.  In addition, they were a well made pair who were obviously nesting.  I decided to leave this pair, and look for a pair to photograph elsewhere.

Day 30

Luckily it has begun to rain, this is excellent news in my quest for the Little Shell Rib Socks as they migrate during rainy periods.  I noticed signs of some travelling Little Shell Rib Socks in the fields close to my home.  Happily, I discovered, a pair of them moving to a new home.

I managed to capture a photo before they moved on, ever in search of water.

Little Shell Rib Socks

Close up Little Shell Rib

*Scarlet Fleece in Denim, Little Shell Rib Pattern from Charlene Schurch, US #2 Brittany Birch DPNs


10 thoughts on “Sock Hunter Episode 5: Searching for the Shells

  1. Very pretty! It’s been so long since I finished a pair of socks. I’ll have to start calling my sockies orphans.

  2. Love the little shell rib pattern. Of course I love the blue too.

    Glad that you were able to capture a picture of them in the wild. It is so good that we are getting rain. We have had a nice steady one off and on all morning.

  3. So pretty! I love your sock hunter “episodes”!

  4. love the pattern, very cute!

  5. They are gorgeous!!!

  6. Gorgeous socks!!! You are a great sock hunter, Kell. Go check out the amazing butterfly I caught with my camera. 😉

  7. You are truely a sock hunting pro.

  8. Kelli, the stupid click to e-mail me thing once again failed me! I am so ticked! More later! Jayne 🙂