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Yet More of Oregon and Washington

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Our journey continued across the Columbia River into Washington. This was the view from the Button Bridge. I have a tiny fear of heights and water so I was very glad that Avi was driving!

Columbia River Oregon

We stopped at a rest stop on the Washington side to get our bearings and checked out the little chamber of commerce as well. The views from the rest stop were amazing.

hood river city bridge

Near Bingen Washington 2

Near Bingen Washington

looking into Oregon

Fortified with maps and cheerful conversation we again took off along the Washington side of the Columbia River.


Sometimes it was hard to decide which view was prettier. And then we wandered into that other little rest stop where Avi proposed. :) And we wandered on again after that.

Here are some views back into Washington from the Oregon side of the river.

rest stop in oregon 1

rest stop in oregon 2

Avi after proposing

Kelli after Avi proposed

And then we wandered back over into Washington for a while. It was really very fun.

looking into Oregon 3

washington 3

Really a beautiful day.

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